Our mission

to provide a network of preventative and pro-active resources which will educate transitioning Veterans and their families through a variety of meaningful and creative seminars, workshops, and courses.



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VA Claims & Benefits

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This course helps guide you through all the components involved in registering for the VA while empowering you with the knowledge & resources to acquire the benefits you deserve. 

VA Home loan benefit course

Learn the ins & outs of your VA home loan benefit to help get you into your dream home. 

Family/relationship transition

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Transition to civilian life can present many challenges which not only effect you, but also your loved ones.  This course discusses various dynamics involved in interpersonal relations during transition. You will also learn how to manage your BAD days and make the most of your GOOD days.

About Mr. O'Ferrall


Ron is an 8 year U.S. Army Veteran and Transition Coach. He spent 5 years in the Special Operations Community serving as a U.S. Army Ranger with the 2/75th Rangers and 3 years as a U.S. Army Recruiter, Career Counselor, and Instructor. He has a strong passion for Veterans and their families, and has dedicated his career to ensure Veterans are educated and aware of their benefits and how to fully maximize their value.

In an effort to rebuild his life after his own failed transition attempt he dove head first into helping other transitioning veterans. Within one year Ron became an Advocate for Rangers Supporting Rangers, Board Member of SPIN (Suicide Prevention and Interdiction Network), and most recently served as the Washington State Chapter President of the Darby Project for 1 year where he was on call 24hrs/7days a week for Rangers in crises.  During that time, he found himself not only helping Rangers but all veterans.  He could not deny any veteran resources and information that could help, whatever the situation maybe. Ron decided in order to help more veterans he had to step down from his position at the Darby Project and focus on developing a program available to ALL veterans and active duty service members preparing to transition.

Ron is also actively participating in various veteran community events to raise awareness for veteran causes and promoting comradery through physical fitness. He is an Athlete with the Sua Sponte Elite Racing Team, guest appearances with King 5 New Day with Margaret Larson and he has been featured as the keynote speaker and contributor at several events in the Puget Sound area.

Some Past Events Include:

Annual Ranger Gathering; Remembering Panama

Run Ranger Run Kick Off Event

Bataan Memorial Death March 

Darby Project Historical Shootout

Evening with Heroes

Work of Honor

Note From the Founder

Dear Transitioning Service Members and Veterans,

Welcome to RTB Resources! In this seminar of transition workshops, you and your spouse/ significant other will have the opportunity to learn first-hand from subject matter experts.

You will gain valuable insight, knowledge, and resources from your choice of two (2) of the most important topics to you.

See you back at Base!